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CarwrapTemplates.com originated in practice

How CarwrapTemplates.com came to be

CarwrapTemplates.com originated in practice. Installing a car wrap is no easy undertaking. As a professional car wrapper, you’ll recognize this like no other. You are working with metres of film on a car... But in the end, it’s always just that last millimetre that makes the difference between an excellent car wrap and an ordinary one. 


If you’re used to making your templates from masking tape, you’ll have noticed that positioning does not always go smoothly. You can't simply move masking tape cutting templates, because they stick to the film. As a result, positioning them takes more time than you’d like. And storing homemade templates is not always a success either. When you need them for the next car, all too often they will turn out to be crumpled and damaged. And then you have to start all over again. Also because the shape of the previous year’s model turns out to be slightly different from the new one. If you recognize this, you should definitely try the templates from CarwrapTemplates.com!

Large collection of templates

We came up with CarwrapTemplates.com when we saw that making templates over and over again is a time-consuming job. Neatly finishing your car wrap can also take some extra time. To cut a long story short: that's when we started measuring and digitizing car antennas. We hope that you as a professional car wrapper will find a lot of satisfaction and convenience in our templates. In any case, we will be adding many more models to the collection in the coming months. So, keep an eye on this website!
Good luck. And let us know how you like the templates!
Team CarwrapTemplates.com
Precise cutting shapes

Precise cutting shapes



Time saving

Time saving

New models every month

Every month CarwrapTemplates.com adds new templates to the collection. So, our range is constantly growing. You benefit from new models every month. A subscription offers you the cheapest solution.

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  • New templates every month
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