Frequently Asked Questions


No, that is not (yet) possible. At the moment we only offer a subscription for the digital car wrap templates.


A physical car wrap template is made from a thin, durable plastic. It is a ready-to-use A4 template that you can easily keep in your toolbox and take with you. The outer dimensions of the auto body part are listed on these physical templates. 
The digital car wrap template is a vector PDF. The outer dimensions of this file are based on the actual dimensions of the auto body part. You use digital car wrap templates as a cutting file for your cutting plotter.
The dimensions of our car wrap templates are always net. You will have to add enough bleed around yourself.
The size is measured exactly. However, due to aging or variation in mounting method, minimal deviations are possible. You should therefore adjust the template beforehand, or give it a millimetre inline.
You can request a missing template from us. Click here
Even if you don't have a cutting plotter, there are several options:
  1. You can download the digital car wrap template and have it cut by a local sign maker
  2. You can have us cut the desired part. Please contact us for costs.
  3. You can use the digital car wrap template to incorporate into your design.
If your cutting plotter is not wide enough, we suggest the following:
  1. You can cut out the digital template from a smaller sheet and trace it onto the large sheet. Then you can manually cut out the shape as with the physical template. 
  2. Instead of a digital car wrap template, you can also opt for a physical car wrap template.
The templates are made to net dimensions and are always extensively tested on the car in question. It is possible that due to aging and possible margins in the mounting of the antenna, the rubbers around the antenna will have shrunk or become enlarged. So always test whether your car wrap template fits well around the antenna. Optionally, you can add a millimetre inline when cutting.
The outer dimensions of the body part are measured exactly. In order to be able to apply the film properly, you should always add a wide bleed all around.


Digital car wrap templates are available immediately upon completion of payment. Physical templates that you order before 12 noon (CET) will be shipped the next day at the latest.
That is possible, shipping costs and delivery time must be requested separately.