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Car wrap templates

Car wrap templates

Select your car wrap template here. Make your selection based on the car make, type, version and year. Each car wrap template consists of a template (scale 1:1) with the correct dimensions of the corresponding auto body part. So, with a roof antenna, you not only know the shape and size of the cut-out, but you also immediately see the width and length of the roof. You indicate per order how you would like to receive the templates of your choice: digital or physical.

Digital car wrap templates

The digital car wrap templates are accurate PDF vector files. You can download them immediately after ordering. These rectangular files are produced in the format of the complete auto body part, so that you can conveniently incorporate them into your design. Not just once, but again and again.

Physical car wrap templates

You can also choose a physical plastic template when you order. Then you will receive a ready-to-use reusable plastic template (size A4) with the circumference of the antenna cut out. On every physical template, the dimensions of the corresponding auto body part are indicated. Physical templates come to you by post in a sturdy envelope. You can easily store and carry them. That’s handy!

New templates monthly

Our collection is growing; Every month we add the latest new templates. Are you missing a template? Let us know!

Professional car wrap templates

On you’ll find current car wrap templates. Made by professional car wrappers who love cars and wraps. We kept running into the same problem on the job: cutting out autobody parts is time-consuming. So, we have now found the solution. We hope that our templates will also be useful for your car wraps.

Right the first time

These professional car wrap templates help you to get the cut-out you want right away. These templates prevent loss of valuable time and film. They allow you to make your cut-out more accurate and tighter. Without having to cut on the paint finish and without showing an edge of the underlying paint layer. Speed, precision and above all... convenience!

Visit often

Visit often, because we add new templates every month. New cars, new types and new years of construction. This way, always stays up to date. A subscription thus allows you to take full advantage of our growing range of car wrap templates!

Your own template

We can also make a custom template for you. Do you have a car for which you’d like to get an accurate template? Let us know so that we can add it to the collection! You can read how that works on this page.
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